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Viracocha – The Metal Arrives

I picked up a big load of metal for my Viracocha sculpture on Wednesday afternoon. Karen had the van and I had to use her car so I couldn’t get all the metal I needed just then. I drove back … Continue reading

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Garden Show Yard Art

My sculptor friend Steve Piper insists that there is more money to be made producing yard art than in proper sculpture. He may be right. Last year he made quite a number of decorative birds and sold quite a few. … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Night

Saturday we went to a Candidate Forum to listen to most of the Democrats who are running for the Presidency in 2008. I think all but one of them appeared at the event so it was a good opportunity to … Continue reading

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Viracocha – Background

Several cities in this area have public sculpture exhibitions. I have been fortunate enough to have been selected as a sculptor in some of them. Two years ago two of my sculptures were in the “Sculpture on Second” show here … Continue reading

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Movie Reviews – July 2007

This was a light month moviewise. We were on vacation the whole middle of the month. We saw one movie then, Ratatouille, but we also saw it before we left. Here is what we saw: Title Made Saw Rating Ratatouille … Continue reading

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