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Gourmet Club – February 2007

We had our second gourmet club meal of the season last Sunday. Normally it would have been on Saturday night but we were in the middle of a severe ice storm with a threat of up to 8 inches of … Continue reading

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Teddy – My Oldest Friend

Teddy is my oldest friend, except Mom of course. The earliest known picture of him is in the family photo album on the same page as my first birthday. So I assume he was a birthday present. He was a … Continue reading

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Christmas 1958

Word has gotten back to me that someone who isn’t even remotely the focus of this blog, thinks that indiscriminate cropping of the banner photos to feature the person who IS the focus of this blog, just stinks. So perhaps … Continue reading

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A Fun New Book – Old Blues, Jazz, and Country Music

Hardly has a book had such an immediate impact on me. For Christmas 2006 Wendy and Zach bought me a copy of “R. Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country”. [keep scrolling down] Sometime in the 1980’s the underground cartoonist … Continue reading

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Like Father Like Son

I was all ready to publish another entry in this blog when I came across an old picture. I have been digitally copying my old negatives and the one I found was from 1971. You have to admit that things … Continue reading

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Movie Reviews – January 2007

Here are the movies we saw this month: Title Made Saw Rating Enigma  2001  01/03/07 3 Children of Men  2006  01/06/07 4 Too Late the Hero  1970  01/10/07 3 Brassed Off  1996  01/11/07 3 Apocolypto  2006  01/12/07 4 Charlotte’s Web … Continue reading

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