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Flood of 2008 – 714 7th St SW

Karen and I tried to see her old homestead yesterday but made the mistake of trying to cross the river during rush hour. BIG mistake. We veered off as soon as we could and headed home. Most of the bridges … Continue reading

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Flood of 2008 – Second Report

The flood crested yesterday at 31.1 feet. I was out taking pictures but my camera ran out of batteries before I could finish up. I had borrowed it from my friend, Ernie Rairdin, and had to return it to him … Continue reading

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Flood of 2008 – First Report

Cedar Rapids is in the midst of a historical event. This is the worst flood that has ever occurred in this community. The previous worst flood was in 1929 with the possibility that a flood in 1851 was as bad. … Continue reading

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National Geographic had a new documentary last week called “Stonehenge Decoded”, a curious title since that was the name of a book published over 40 years ago. One that I read at the time. Stonehenge has always been of interest … Continue reading

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Last Gourmet Club Dinner of the Year

After a little delay because of remodeling, we finally had our last gourmet club dinner of the year. This time it was at John and Sue Hawns. The Menu The Presentation See you next year!

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Movie Reviews – May 2008

Here is what we saw: Title Made Saw Rating Underdog 2007 5/3/08 3 In the Valley of Elah 2007 5/5/08 3 Babel 2006 5/8/08 3 In the Name of the King 2007 5/9/08 2 The Last Mimzy 2007 5/11/08 3 … Continue reading

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