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2002 – The Mystery of White House Farm.

I went to England in 2002 to visit my aunts, uncles, and cousins and to do as much genealogical research as time permitted. Before I left, my mother told me that my uncle, John Bellamy, had a small painting that … Continue reading

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Carol Lynne Thorpe

Seventy years ago today my big sister Carol Lynne Thorpe died. I never knew her. She died before I was even conceived. But I can’t help but wonder how the dynamic of our family would have been different with her … Continue reading

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A Tradition Continued

Ever since our kids were very young we have decorated birthday cakes for them. This went on till at some point they got too old for it or moved away from home. Luckily, they started having kids of their own … Continue reading

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Old Photos

This weekend at Vern Becker’s funeral, they had a display of old photos of his life. Several were pretty interesting, Vern as a young man etc., but the one that took the cake was a baby picture of him. He … Continue reading

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40 Years Together

Friday, May 1st was Karen and my 40th wedding anniversary. It was also Lance and Cherise’s 10th wedding anniversary. We called and asked them if they would like to go out to dinner together but they had already made reservations … Continue reading

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Great Moments

On a weekend visit 34 years ago, our friends the Hawns snapped this picture of us. It was to be the first in our “Thorpe Family at Great Moments in History” series. Yesterday we got to add the latest installment … Continue reading

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Halloweens Past and Present

Wendy sent us a picture of the costume that Wyatt was going to wear for Halloween a couple days ago. And when Lance and Cherise brought the kids up to show us their Halloween costumes I thought this would be … Continue reading

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August Quinn Thorpe Copley

Welcome to our family young August!!! Wendy will be publishing a more detailed blog I suspect, but she said it was ok for me to put mine up ahead of hers. At 2:21 Sunday morning, California time, August 31 the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Like last year, my first entry for the year features our traditional holiday family portrait. We took about 20 shots and realized that the ASA setting was too low so many of the shots were a little blurry or had … Continue reading

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Benjamin B. Tallman – R.I.P.

When I was in high school and started getting into genealogy, my Uncle Ralph gave my dad a paper outlining our branch of the Tallman Family. Tallman was my dad’s mother’s maiden name. The paper started with Peter Tallman, the … Continue reading

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