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1956 – The Family Car Recess Problem

In about second grade we had recess a couple of times a day. When the weather was good, we went outside to play. I think that we went out and played even when the weather wasn’t good too. I don’t … Continue reading

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2002 – The Mystery of White House Farm.

I went to England in 2002 to visit my aunts, uncles, and cousins and to do as much genealogical research as time permitted. Before I left, my mother told me that my uncle, John Bellamy, had a small painting that … Continue reading

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1963 – Homemade Skateboard

Hard on the heels of the surfing craze of the 1960s, skateboards started showing up. I think there may have been commercially made boards, maybe in California. In Iowa you couldn’t get them. If you wanted a skateboard, you had … Continue reading

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