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When we were in Racine last weekend visiting Karen’s sister Sue, I gasped when I saw this ad for a Toyota dealership. I wasn’t the only one. At least two others gasped too. As you see below, the ad featured … Continue reading

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An Art Project for Rachel and Grandpa Butch

A couple of months ago Rachel stayed over on a Thursday. Usually she stays on the weekend so this was something special. It also happened to be free day at the Museum of Art. We thought we would take a … Continue reading

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Waterbed Follow Up

So, you ask, “Whatever happened about that leaky waterbed?” It took us a while to figure out what we were going to do. But in the end we decided to go with a regular bed. We just couldn’t face having … Continue reading

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Tattoos, Weirdos, and Sign Painting – the Beginnings of a Graphic Arts Career

My father, Raymond Miller Thorpe, had beautiful handwriting. I first noticed it when I was in junior high. He was also very good at writing in Old English script. That interested me and I asked him to show me how … Continue reading

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Movie Reviews – April 2008

Here is what we saw: Title Made Saw Rating The Darjeeling Limited 2007 4/2/08 4 Kon Tiki 1950 4/3/08 3 L4yer Cake 2004 4/6/08 3 Tales of Rat Fink 2006 4/7/08 3 The Assassination of Jesse James 2007 4/9/08 3 … Continue reading

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