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This weekend at Vern Becker’s funeral, they had a display of old photos of his life. Several were pretty interesting, Vern as a young man etc., but the one that took the cake was a baby picture of him. He didn’t change a lick his entire life.

Vernon Henry Becker c.1921

Vern’s son Kevin also gave us a box of photos that had belonged to Ruby. Being the family genealogist she had given me just about all the old photos to catalog and preserve. But in this new collection I came across one I had never seen before. It was of May and Ollie Prior’s first five children; Martha, Everett, Voila, Viola, and baby Ruby. Ruby doesn’t appear to be very old, less than a year and since she was born in April and three of the five kids had no coats on, I deduce that the picture was probably taken late in the summer or early fall of 1913. Voila and Viola appear to be dolled up for some reason, one can only guess why. Perhaps it was their birthday. Anyway, it’s a great shot.

Oliver W. Prior Family - c.1913

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7 Responses to Old Photos

  1. Linda says:

    Ha! Voila and Viola look pretty happy to be all dressed up. I’m guessing these were outfits that some Auntie bought them and Grandma had to get them in a picture!

  2. Lisa says:

    These are great pictures. I could tell right away that it was Vern in the baby shot, no mistaking it. I was hoping you had some of the photo montage they showed during his funeral. I didn’t get a chance to see them, but Cherise said they were really great of Vern as a young man, that he was very handsome. I’d like to see them sometime if you have them.

  3. sue says:

    I am seeing these pics as I traverse the Panama Canal. I think both Voila and Viola must have been as hot as I am. Those are some sour faces. Mom looks like she is scared to death. I wish I could have seen the pictures of Vern.

  4. Doo says:

    You are right! No a lick!
    Love the other pic as well. It’s priceless. Didn’t they used to dress up just to be photographed? There could have been no particular reason.

  5. Diane says:

    Those kids look like someone told them if they move a lick,and ruin the picture, they will get licked! Great photo.

  6. Wendy says:

    I love the picture of Grandpa Vern! It’s amazing how babies look like themselves right when they get out.

    The other photo is a hoot as well. I think Diane was right about them being threatened not to move a lick!

  7. Mum says:

    Knew it was him before I read a thing

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