Family Portrait

One of the first things I do every year is include a picture of the family in this blog. We have a pretty long tradition of getting everyone together at Christmas and taking pictures. This is usually quite a production, moving furniture, getting boxes to stand on, trying to get the lighting right, that sort of stuff.

I have been reviewing my blog entries and realized I did not put last Christmas’s portrait in the blog.

What is amazing is that that set of pictures was even more of a production than usual. My mom got just about everyone in the family together, all her descendents and their spouses. We met at her house and set up the living room as a studio. We made a list of all possible shot combinations we thought we would want. And got most of them.

So here is the bunch Karen and I are responsible for…

The Robert and Karen Thorpe Clan - 2010

and here is the bunch my mother is responsible for…

Grandma Paddy's Mob

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