Another Dick Pinney Mural

Rachel came to stay with us this weekend. On the way home from picking her up we stopped at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch. We thought they had a Laura Ingalls Wilder display that Rachel would like. But it turns out they are just the repository of her collection. Never-the-less, we had a look around the museum anyway. To our surprise, there was a Dick Pinney mural in the lobby. Longtime readers of this blog know that Rachel and I have been visiting and documenting Dick Pinney murals since 2008. I don’t think I knew about this one.

The lobby was narrow and the mural was wide so I had to take it in sections. Sorry for the obvious splice.

Dick Pinney mural at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, 2012

Later that afternoon we went to see the movie ParaNorman. It was ok but not great.

On Sunday we went to the Czech Museum to see the Alphonse Mucha exhibit. This is the largest one of its kind in the word. Even bigger than the one in Prague. This was my third time to see it so far. We get in for free, now that we are members of the museum. While Karen and Rachel were looking at the pictures, I went to a couple of the other galleries they had on display. One was Children’s book illustrations and the other was how they restored many of the Czech folk costumes that were damaged in the flood of 2008. I caught up with them in the Mucha gallery since the things I saw were only small displays.

After the museum we took Rachel home. She was greeted by their new puppy, Lola. I’m sure there will be more about her in the future.

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2 Responses to Another Dick Pinney Mural

  1. Sue says:

    What a fun day. I’m curious about the LIW collection. Do they not display any of it? Do folks use it for research? I saw the picture of the pup they were thinking of adopting, is it the same one?

  2. Doug Miller says:

    We’re fans of Pinney, too. I assume you have photos of all the works of his you have found. Sounds like a good weekend… thanks for the comment/reminder about the Mucha exibit — available through the end of the year.
    Distort Pinney if you must, but give Rachel a break! (I expect to see a lovely, correctly-proportioned photo of her in one of your next blogs! She may also be looking for it.)

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