Baking A Cake

We are watching Ben for a couple of days and we are constantly trying to find something fun to do. Karen had the great idea of making a cake. Ben was all for it. We didn’t have a cake mix laying around so Karen decided to make it completely from scratch. They turned on the oven first thing, then got all the ingredients together.

Next up, measuring…

1 - Measuring the Ingredients

Pour in the milk…

2 - Pouring the Milk

A quick stir to get it blended…

3 - Stirring Up the Mixture

Then the electric mixer to get the job done really well…

4 - Now for the Electric Mixer

After it’s put in the oven, we test to see if it’s done…

5 - Testing to See If It's Done

Now for the frosting…

6 - Frosting the Cake

And the final product…

7 - The Final Product

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4 Responses to Baking A Cake

  1. Jen&Tom says:

    This just fantastic and cool!!! We are soooo impressed with Chef Ben and his sous chef Grandma Karen. The cake looks beautiful and absolutely delicious!! Yum!! Proud of you guys! This is great stuff….just brilliant What is next on the menu??
    Love it!!xxJen&Tom

  2. Sue says:

    This is great. He is really getting tall! Love to taste that cake.

  3. Joyce says:

    This was a great undertaking. Ben looks very happy with the experience, Karen too!
    The cake looks delicious. Good job all around,

  4. Bonnie Hodgins says:

    …So I stumbled upon your blog looking at marbles, and somehow I was drawn in to more than one of your posts – I almost feel as if I’m spying.. bad. But I have to say that for a “Geezer” as you call yourself, your writing and blogging skills are fantastic – not to mention your ability to navigate photoshop. Everything your doing here is something that I hope to do myself one day, and even though I don’t know who you are, I can follow along and appreciate how time has gone by from photos of your elementary school to photos of your grandson in his mine craft t shirt. You have done a wonderful job and created an everlasting memory, and I appreciate the opportunity to have read it. I hope you continue..

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