Ben for the Weekend

While Lance and Cherise were having their 15 year anniversary honeymoon, we were having Ben. He had his bike with him for his time with us. We had a good time riding around our street that doesn’t have much traffic.

We also rode around at Karen’s old elementary school which had a lot of open space.

Ben on his new bike

Later, we baked another cake. This time it was a white cake with white frosting and multi-colored sprinkles.

The cake with sprinkles

Next on the agenda was roasting marshmallows. It was too much trouble to fire up the fire ring so we chose to roast them on the stove. We took a lot of care to make sure that they did NOT catch fire which is the sloven’s way of roasting marshmallows. Low heat, careful turning, that’s the trick. Perfect roasted marshmallows!

Roasting marshmallows on the stove

Stove roasted marshmallows




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8 Responses to Ben for the Weekend

  1. Sue says:

    In defense of slovens, the only good marshmallow is a charred marshmallow.

  2. Wendy says:

    From the look on his face, I think Ben and I feel the same way about a perfectly golden roasted marshmallow. They are awesome!

  3. Linda Knudsen says:

    I always had a good time roasting marshmallows with our guys but golden or charred… I’m just not a fan of marshmallows to eat. By the way, the cake looks delish!

    • Karen says:

      Me neither on the marshmallows. The cake was good but no matter that Ben always picks what we make, he always says, “No thanks,” when I offer a piece. He only likes to take it home to his family.

  4. Butch says:

    Sue, you are SOOOO wrong.

  5. Ray Baragary says:

    It is so like Butch to create a tool (wooden block supporting the turning fork) for the task at hand. Good job to both of you.

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