Some of you will have seen these pictures in other blogs or had them emailed to you directly, but in case you didn’t, here you go.

We had Rachel and Ben up to our house to trick or treat on Halloween evening and I asked Wendy to send me a couple of pictures of our California boys. Each family kinda had a theme going. Lance’s kids were pirates and Wendy’s were Batman and Robin.

So without further ado…

Rachel, the Pirate Captain
Rachel insisted she was a pirate captain, not a pirate queen. I think she is a perfect Grace O’Malley, Granuaile, of Elizabethan fame.

Ben, Pirate
Lance said he was having a hard time getting Ben to keep his outfit on. He seemed OK at our house but keeping the hat on was a bit of a trick.

Wyatt, Batman
Wyatt was the Caped Crusader once again. You can feel safe with this crime fighter on your side.

Augie, Robin
Augie was Robin, the Boy Wonder. It’s hard to think of a cuter sidekick.

No word on whether Wendy and Zach wore their Batgirl and Alfred outfits.

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4 Responses to Halloween

  1. Wendy says:

    Nope — we tried to pull together a last minute Riddler costume for Zach, but we ran out of time.

  2. Grandma Karen says:

    What cutie-pies. Overall, a great Halloween night.

  3. Aunt Linda says:

    O-o-oh,great to see Rachel and Ben! Rachel looks so much like Cherise in her costume!! (Cherise, you probably never thought of yourself as a pirate. Right?)
    The mouth, the nose, the pose… what can I say, a smaller version of Cherise in a pirate costume!!!
    Benny is just right in his get-up too. Thank goodness I won’t be traveling the high seas anytime soon.
    Batman and Robin are the caped crusaders that we all dream about. Can they help out in beautiful Bloomington?!!

  4. Doo says:

    I thought Rachel looked like Cherise too! Great pics, can’t wait to see everyone.

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