Autumn Birthdays

We had Ben’s birthday party the other day and when I started to write it up, I realized I had not done the same for Rachel. So here is a summary for each of them.

We had Rachel’s party on September 20. Her interest on this birthday was a Nintendo DS electronic game machine. Her folks got her that and our contribution was one of the games, a winter pet game. She also specifically requested I make her a cake with a Corgi on it. I chose to depict their dog, Nora.

Rachel's Corgi cake

Rachel with her birthday cake

She was concerned that the cake was a little heavy to hold. You can see she is starting to experience a little strain holding it up. When I was taking the second picture (not shown) she was worried she was going to drop it. She didn’t.

We had Ben’s party last Sunday, November 8. Ben’s cake featured Lightning McQueen, the race car from the move, Cars.

Ben's Lightning McQueen cake

His folks got him a Darda racer set. We have had an old set around here from the time Lance was a kid and it is one of the most popular toys at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Our gift to him was a scooter and helmet.

Ben and his new scooter

He started off fairly slowly but Lance got on our other scooter and showed Ben how to go fast. He pretty well got the hang of it after that. In the weeks to come, I’ll bet he becomes a champ.

Wyatt and Augie
We have two other grandkids whose birthdays deserve mention too. Since they are half a continent away, I have to rely on their mom for pictures of those events. She kindly sent me these…

Augie and his birthday cake

Here’s Augie chowing down on “something” delicious.

Wyatt blowing out his candles

And here is Wyatt taking care of all 5 candles at once.

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7 Responses to Autumn Birthdays

  1. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday to ALL 🙂

  2. Grandma Karen says:

    It was funny because the temperature was in the 70’s on November 8th at Ben’s party and almost as nice two months earlier on Rachel’s day. Rachel and Emma did big time woods exploring and came in covered with burrs.

    We joined Wyatt on Skype for his birthday. Wendy took the computer outside so we could see Wyatt zooming up and down the sidewalk on his new scooter. (also from Grandpa Butch and Grandma Karen) He had some pretty fancy moves.

  3. Zach says:

    Wow, Butch, those are some of the coolest cakes I’ve ever, ever seen!

  4. Aunt D says:

    The cakes are great, so are the kids, and what about the 60yo?

  5. A.B says:

    Thankyou for the lovely photos . These moments are so precious to build up for your ” memory bank ” . Lovely children you must be justly proud — mind you we have yet to meet OUR GREAT GRANDCHILD!!!!!!xxxx

  6. Linda says:

    I was able to see Rachel’s birthday party at the ceramic place (on Face Book)but I had not seen the Corgi cake yet! What a beauty. Ben’s cake was also great and he looks so grown up on his new scooter. Wyatt’s cake was also a success and obviously Augie liked his birthday treat. It’s great to see all of the kids together. You’ve got a great batch of grand kids!!

  7. Linda says:

    Wonderful grandkids, good pictures and some pretty awesome cakes. Everyone looks pretty darn happy!!

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