A Tradition Continued

Ever since our kids were very young we have decorated birthday cakes for them. This went on till at some point they got too old for it or moved away from home. Luckily, they started having kids of their own so we got to make cakes for the grandkids. Here is an example of one of Lance’s cakes.


When I was working on a cake for one of the grandkids. Lance said he would still like to have a decorated cake. I very stealthily made an entry in my computer calendar to decorate a cake for him the next time he had a birthday. Well that was this weekend. Cherise said they had watched all the episodes of “Big Bang Theory” recently and she thought he would like a cake with Sheldon Cooper on it. He’s the main character on the show. I thought doing a portrait of Sheldon was a little beyond my skills, but when she suggested the word “Bazinga!”, that I could handle. So Lance got a cake once again and the tradition continued.

Cake for Lance's 44th Birthday


Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

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2 Responses to A Tradition Continued

  1. Sue says:

    Love it! Knock Knock Knock

  2. Lisa says:

    It tasted really good, too.

    Do you think any children/grandchildren have any idea just how much sunshine they bring when all us old guys have to do is look at their darling faces? Lance, I’m happy just knowing you’re in the world.

    Soppy Date

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