2013 Family Portrait

Every Christmas since Rachel was very young, we have taken a family portrait. For a couple of years, Wendy wasn’t able to make it home, then one year many of the family were sick. The picture didn’t get taken that year either. So when Wendy and family came to Iowa this summer, we jumped at the chance to document ourselves for posterity.

Those of you on Facebook will have seen this a couple of weeks back, but for those of you who only get the Butchie Boy blog, here is how we all looked in July.

2013 Thorpe Family Portrait


Ben didn’t want to be in the portrait. I took a picture of him when he was sitting on his dad’s lap and “photoshopped” it in later. His comment, “You know Grandpa, you really shouldn’t put people in pictures if they don’t want to in them.” I suppose he is right, but I hope he will not be so annoyed when he gets older.

Front row: Butch, Wyatt, Karen, Cherise. Second row: Lance, Augie, Wendy, Zach, Rachel, and Ben.

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3 Responses to 2013 Family Portrait

  1. Jessica says:

    I would not have known that Ben was photoshopped in. Gotta love he comment though. He is a smart cookie.

  2. Sue Willmott says:

    Great photo of a happy family

  3. zcopley says:

    Who’s that dirtbag hillbilly guy in the back with the baseball cap?

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