Which astrological sign are you? Does it suit you?

Which astrological sign are you?
Does it suit you?


 Being born on September 12 makes me a Virgo. I see astrological signs as meaningless drivel. They are a little fun to fool around with however.

Virgos are often looked on as follows:

Positive Virgo Traits:

Hard-Working, Creative, Reliable, Patient, Kind.

Negative Virgo Traits:

Critical, Stubborn, Overthinking, Picky, Uptight.

Virgo Traits in Relationships:

Romantic, Platonic, Professional.

I think most people generally associate a Virgo’s negative traits with what they are like. At least that’s how they apply them to me. My sister-in-law, Jeanne Spicer, shares the same birthday with me. We seem to have totally different outlooks on life, but when I point that out to people, they laugh and say, “Peas in a pod”. So interpretation can go either way.


 My astrological sign is Scorpio. I rarely read my horoscope and don’t set a lot of store in it but it is fun and interesting to think about these traits from time to time. More fun to think about positive traits than negative for sure!

Positive traits for Scorpio:

Determined-I think I am a determined person and do go after what I want to accomplish. I see this in my career pursuits. I rose in my profession because I wanted to learn and took on many different roles and was convinced that I would succeed.

Brave: I do not see myself as brave. I am physically very timid and worry about dangers.

Loyal: I am loyal to the people I love and stick with them. I was also loyal to people in my profession even when I disagreed with them.

Honest: I do value honesty for myself and can’t bring myself to lie. I may, however hide the truth from others by not saying anything.

Ambitious: I was ambitious in my career. I was eager to learn, try new things, and lead others. I like to be doing things and accomplishing things I am proud of. I like making things like fused glass, embroidery, home improvements/ organization, etc.

Negative traits for Scorpios: These are hard to take

Lay in wait to strike: This seems a little scheming and mean to me. I don’t see this in myself.

Jealous: I can see this in myself as a product of feeling doubtful of my own abilities, talents,etc.

Secretive: I often keep feelings to myself, though, unfortunately not my opinions.

Controlling: I do have a tendency to try to be in control and barrel ahead either discounting others or just assuming they agree with me. I also hate being manipulated and controlled by others, but who doesn’t?

Resentful: It is very hard for me to forgive someone who has deliberately tried to hurt me or those I love.

Stubborn: OK, I admit it!

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